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                                                                                      September 2015


Feel like a Change ?

Need to move on ?

   Slightly stuck ?


happy little child baby girl laughing and playing in the autumn on the nature walk outdoors 

Achieve a complete absence of Autumn Angst ! 


The end of summer sometimes leaves us with a feeling of anti-climax and lack of motivation.


A confidential healing session can help restore the energy and drive needed to prepare for the approaching autumn and winter.


Healing will be offered at Friends Meeting House, 1 Orchard Road, on Tuesday 1st September at 2.30pm.  Donations welcome.  All healers have been trained by The Healing Trust. Doors open at 2pm for tea ! 


The Malvern Energy Medicine Group


The autumn meetings of this group, which studies the work of Donna Eden, will be on the subject of

  PAIN !!!

             and what to do about it.

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Example of a man suffering from an attack
of painful red dots


In Energy Medicine Donna Eden devotes a whole chapter to the subject of pain, and energy medicine approaches to relieving it.


This autumn we will explore the ways Donna, and other healers, deal with pain. All the techniques are simple and easy to undertake. 


In our first session we will look at some of the most straightforward approaches, including 'Breathing out Pain', 'Siphoning', and 'Tapping, Stretching and Pinching'.  If you have one, please bring an inexpensive, stiff-ish plastic pronged hairbrush.


Pain is nature's way of telling us that something is adrift, and you should always check that any pain you have is not a result of a major condition which should be addressed medically.


Our first meeting in this series is on Tuesday September 8th, at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, at 2.30pm  Admission is 10.  All welcome


Your opportunity to

Learn to Dowse

The first meeting of the Malvern Dowsers 2015-2016 programme opens with our annual opportunity for you to Learn to Dowse.


On Wednesday, September 16th, at 7.30pm, at Friends Meeting House, you can learn to dowse with L Rods, Pendulums, and Wands. Admission is 5 which includes a chocolate biscuit (if you can find it !). All welcome, even if you have never dowsed before.


This will be a hands-on evening, and if time and numbers allow, we will explore more advanced forms of dowsing, such as map dowsing, or the use of the aurameter.

Get your Chi Circulating


This autumn get your energy flowing with a spot of Chi Gung with Max Mainini.  See his website at ...


Ced Jackson

Ced co-ordinates Malvern Dowsers, the Malvern Energy Medicine Group, and this newsletter.  He also participates in the Malvern Hills Healing Group, and can undertake private requests for Dowsing, Feng Shui and Energy Medicine. His services are set out on his website.  Contact details below. 


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Contact :

Ced Jackson

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