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Ced Jackson can provide consultancy support on British and European funding and regeneration programmes.

He has extensive experience of the statutory and voluntary sectors, and a wide range of UK and European grant programmes. Some of that experience is set out below.

  Funding & Project Expertise
  Name :  Ced Jackson

Address :

3 Ebrington Road, West Malvern, Worcs, WR14 4NL


Phone :

01684 560265


Email :


Qualifications :

BA Business Studies, University of Hertfordshire


Post-Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning,
Architectural Association.

I have also published a book on housing & planning issues in Lambeth.


Current Post

Principal :

European Innovation Associates
from 1998 to the present

European Innovation Associates is a consultancy which specialises in:

  • European funding, policies and programmes
  • Urban regeneration and community development
  • Identifying funding opportunities and preparing bids for community projects and regeneration partnerships
  • Supporting local authorities in project development and management

Examples of work for which I have been responsible since 1998 include:


Funding and Projects

Work undertaken

  • Fundraising for an organisation in Herefordshire which provides services to older people.
  • Raising 220,000 for an organisation in Worcestershire, creating job opportunities and the conversion of agricultural buildings to retail use.
  • Preparation of Staff Guidelines for a local authority implementing the government's Single Assessment Process for older people
  • With Rosecliffe Associates, preparing the Economic Development  Strategy for a London Borough
  • Preparation of a Business Plan for a national voluntary organisation
  • Project development and management for a Housing Association while the Head of Regeneration was on maternity leave. This related to a joint project with another HA, concerning the 250m redevelopment of a large estate in north London.
  • Undertaking a study for an SRB project on the funding of the redevelopment of an existing church hall in Notting Hill, to provide a family centre, nursery, and worship area.
  • In a voluntary capacity, creating a website for a national organisation which has received over a quarter of a million visitors in the last eighteen months.
  • Successfully obtained funding for a Community Development Trust that is the successor body to a Single Regeneration Budget project. I also project managed the transition of some of the SRB's work into the Trust.
  • Prepared an application under the European Regional Development Fund for a local authority supporting local suppliers during the transition to electronic procurement.
  • Provided support to a local authority Social Services Department which is developing its work in the field of Direct Payments.
  • Prepared a report for a large local authority setting out European funding and policy options regarding the authority's Planning and Environment service.
  • Successfully prepared a funding application on behalf of a County Council to the European RAPHAEL programme, for an IT project which would enable everyday objects from three European museums to be compared and contrasted, on-screen, using web technology.
  • Prepared the UK bid for a submission on eGovernance to the Fifth Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development (FP5) as part of a European-wide bid on the subject.
  • Prepared a report for a group of County Councils, District Councils and Unitary Councils regarding the possibility of submitting an application for a Teledemocracy (On-Line Democracy), project under the Information Society Technologies strand of the Fifth Framework programme on Research and Technological Development (FP5).
  • Undertook work on behalf of a Unitary Council regarding the possibility of submitting an application for an area-based project under the 'City of Tomorrow' strand of the EU's Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development thematic programme within FP5.
  • Supplied reports on Europe's Research and Development programme regarding Health and Social Care.
  • Provided an intelligence service to a local authority regarding the possibility of applications for cultural heritage funding.
  • Provided a software company with an assessment of market opportunities for its products within a particular sector.
  • Prepared successful applications on behalf of local authorities to the European Social Fund.
  • Provided an intelligence service to a local authority, regarding the Information Society Technology strand of the Fifth Framework Programme, and - in parallel - the work of the European 'Telecities' network of local authorities.
  • Provided an assessment of the possibilities of a funding application by a City Council to the TEN TELECOM programme. TEN (Trans-European Networks) TELECOM supports joint IT approaches to common European problems).
  • Published a feature article in the Local Government International Bureau's 'European Information Service' on the Fifth Framework programme on
    R & D.

Previous posts :

European Officer :
Oxfordshire County Council
1992 - 1998


Responsible for the authority's European policy, and the development and preparation of funding bids. The post was jointly sponsored by the County Council and the Heart of England Training & Enterprise Council.

Work included :

  • Securing over 1,500,000 from the European Social FundI also managed the ESF function across the County.
  • Putting together a successful bid for a 1.1 million project under the LIFE programme linking environmental improvements to the implementation of the Oxford Transport Strategy.

  • Obtaining funding for a 120,000 project in the KONVER programme. Obtaining a further 313,000 under the KONVER programme for a museum development in the north of the County.

  • Successful bid for a 200,000 ECU project to develop telematic links between museums throughout the EU, under the Museum Twinning programme.
  • Successful Exchange of Experience bid on Public Transport.
  • Funding under the Socrates (schools) programme, and initial teacher training under the Comenius programme. The largest allocation of funds in the UK for the EU Year of Lifelong Learning
  • The development of a Social Services link with an Italian authority leading to a successful application for Training for Care under the Fourth Framework Programme on Equal Opportunities
  • A successful joint bid with Oxford-Brookes University to establish a Regional Technology Plan for the County under the Regional Infrastructure Technology Transfer Strategies Programme (RITTS)
  • A successful application for Oxfordshire's Department of Leisure and Arts as part of a 1.5m consortium on the subject of electronic access to museum and library holdings, under the Telematics (IT) strand of the Fourth Framework Programme on Research and Development.
  • Participation in the Council's team which obtained over 3.5 million through the Single Regeneration Budget.

I also established Oxfordshire's Brussels office, where my assistant was based. In conjunction with European officers in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, I established the Thames Valley European Forum, from the nineteen authorities within the three counties and the districts within the area. The Forum was also instrumental in submitting a successful 1.9 million ecu application for the regeneration of the woodlands (and associated industries) of the Chilterns.




Research and Development Officer :                         
Economic Development Unit
London Borough of Greenwich : 1987 - 1992

Experience of local government's powers and responsibilities in relation to training and economic development. Assisted the continued survival of Greenwich Enterprise Company and Greenwich Training Company. Input into the development of the Greenwich Waterfront Strategy. Developed European Strategy for Greenwich. Information services to local companies on UK and EU funding opportunities. Joint work with local Polytechnic on Europe. Helped establish network of London economic development officers working on Europe.




Head of Central Services and Programming

London Strategic Policy Unit

1986 1987


Assistant Chief Officer in GLC successor body of 250 people. Management responsibility for 15 staff covering finance, personnel, policy development, training, committee work and procedures, plant and new technology.




Project Development Officer :                             
Industry and Employment Branch:
Greater London Council   1983 - 1986


Responsible for grant support of around 1,500,000 for local economic initiatives. This included work with co-operative development agencies, trade union support units, black employment projects, and women's employment projects. Involved in the management of the wide-ranging work of the branch across the London region. Developed IT strategy for GLC employment projects.




Co-ordinator: London Community Work Service :
London Voluntary Service Council                         
1977 - 1983


Managed the London Community Work Service within LVSC. The Service supplied information, support, training and policy development initiatives to around 1,500 community agencies in London, and had a particular focus on employment issues.




Community work in Hackney, Southwark and Lambeth
1970 - 1974


Experience of and involvement in community development approaches with different communities in the three boroughs.