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Talk to the rods like you would talk to a little child
Ced Jackson interviewed by the Worcester News in May 2007


A conversation with a Feng Shui consultant
Ced Jackson interviewed by the UK Feng Shui Society
on-line magazine.

Dowsing and Healing :  An Overview
What - precisely - do we think we are doing when we use dowsing to heal ?

Dowsing, Healing and Radionics
The nature and history of the links between these activities

Dowsing and Sacred Space
Location, Use and Design

Feng Shui, Dowsing and The Compass
Different ways that our understanding of magnetism and the use of the compass have evolved in the China and the West.

A Model Approach_to Earth Energies
This article is concerned with the internal models we use when dowsing. In other words, what we think is actually going on.  The article appeared in the Spring edition of the Newsletter of the Earth Energy Group of the British Society of Dowsers, 'Earth Energy Matters'.  The article has four pages, navigation between the pages is at the bottom of each page. 

Dead Ringers
Spirit Release - sometimes known as exorcism - and links with earth energies.


Book Reviews

Adventures of a 21st Century Dowser


Past and Future Lives


Dowse, Survey, Record


Dowsing with Wands
Catharine Fortlage and Elizabeth Phillips


Keys to Wisdom
Heather Bray, Butterfly Press :  ISBN 0-9550954-0-9


The following three books were reviewed in the one article

Dowsing :
A Path to Enlightenment

Joey Korn (

Techniques that work for me: A mini-course in the
management of energy for improving your life

Raymon Grace (

The Future is Yours : Do something about it !
Raymon Grace (



Midwinter of the Spirit
by Phil Rickman


Bishop's Finger

Lost Science of the Stone Age : Sacred Energy & The I Ching
by Michael Poynder,  Green Magic : ISBN 0 9542 9639 7



Ley Lady Ley

Ley Lines : The Greatest Landscape Mystery

by Danny Sullivan, Green Magic : ISBN 0 9542 9634 6


Feng Shui in China : Geomantic Divination between State Orthodoxy and Popular Religion  
Forty Nine dollars from

A contemporary account of Feng Shui in rural China in the early 21st century

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The Articles and Book Reviews listed above appeared in :

  • Feng Shui News,
    the newsletter of the UK Feng Shui Society,

  • Earth Energy Matters, the newsletter of the
    Earth Energy Group of the British Society of Dowsers, and

  • Dowsing Today, the newsletter of the
    British Society of Dowsers.

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