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... has studied Feng Shui, Dowsing, Healing, Energy Medicine and related subjects for many years. 

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Ced is an accredited consultant with the UK Feng Shui Society, and has served on the Society's governing body.

He is also on the professional register of the British Society of Dowsers, and has served on the Committee of the BSD's Earth Energies Group.  He has contributed a number of articles & book reviews to ..

  • The Journal of the British Society of Dowsers

  • Earth Energy Matters
    The Journal of the BSD's Earth Energies Group

  • What's New in Dowsing
    The Journal of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and... 

  • Feng Shui News
    The Journal of the UK Feng Shui Society.

These articles and book reviews can be via the Articles section of this website

Ced is also an accredited member of the Spirit Release Foundation, and The Healing Trust.

Ced learnt to dowse from his father - Ken Jackson - an agricultural and marine engineer in Yorkshire, who dowsed to ensure that the trenches he put in for new farm buildings did not cut through existing water, gas and drainage pipes, or electrical supplies. 

This early exposure to dowsing generated a fascination with the two-way interaction between people and their surroundings. 

After gaining a degree and undertaking community work in inner London, Ced acquired a post-graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning at the Architectural Association. 

A number of posts with voluntary organisations and local authorities followed.  Further information on Ced's consultancy services for local government, the third sector, Europe, & in relation to fund-raising is at Funding & The Third Sector.

Ced's interest in the relationship between people and their environment - especially the health aspects - was deepened by the arrival of Feng Shui in the west.

His engagement with Feng Shui fed back into his earlier interest in dowsing, and the detection and enhancement of subtle energies present at different locations. 

Feng Shui looks at three main influences :

  • influences from above (such as the weather and the seasons)

  • influences from our immediate surroundings, including  other people

  • influences from the earth beneath us

Dowsing can be used to detect deleterious energies present at particular locations - especially those emanating from the earth - and identify relevant changes which can improve the situation. 

In 2006 Ced established Malvern Dowsers, the local branch of the British Society of Dowsers.



This continues to be a key interest. Some locations can be deleterious to health, and long term exposure to such environments can cause discomfort and dis-ease.  Helpful changes can be identified and implemented.

More recently Ced has developed an interest in and studied Energy Medicine and Healing, which works directly on the person (rather than indirectly through the environment), and information on these interventions can be explored on the Energy Medicine page.

You can contact Ced by :

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