Ced offers two kinds of consultations :

Consultations regarding your home...

which can be provided at your home, and... 

Consultations regarding your health...

which can also be provided at your home

If you would like a consultation which covers both your home and your health, (and perhaps the relationship between the two) it is better to have the consultation in your home.

Consultations regarding your home examine various aspects of your environment, and determine whether those factors are supporting you and your health.

If your home is not supporting you, changes will be identified that will improve the situation.

You can also be shown - and have demonstrated - techniques and exercises which will help to directly improve your own health.

There are three main elements which are considered during a consultation :

You, The Client
     Especially your Health and Happiness

The Location
     The house, garden and surrounding area, and...

You in relation to your location

In practical terms a property consultation includes...

A Dowsing & Feng Shui examination of the property

This will establish the presence - if any - of areas of detrimental energy, sometimes known as geopathic stress, which are adversely affecting the occupants.

Particular note will be taken of detrimental energy affecting areas in which people spend a good deal of time, such as the bedroom, or a favourite armchair.

The survey will identify unhelpful aspects which need transformation, and also helpful aspects which can be further enhanced.

Changes to transform the detrimental energy

This might be accomplished via dowsing, earth acupuncture, etc.

An assessment of 'Predecessor Energy' in the property

Predecessor Energy is the effect on the current inhabitants of a building, of past events which took place in that property.  If necessary, work will be undertaken to clear any remaining unhelpful influences.

Examining the house, site and neighbourhood
from a Feng Shui perspective.

This is known as 'Form School' Feng Shui, and identifies problems which might affect people living in the house, and the identification of simple steps that can be taken to improve the situation. 

Landscape Influences

The way a house fits into its local the landscape may affect how comfortable we feel within it.  In areas where the landscape is very 'strong' - as in the Lake District or around the Malvern Hills - this can be important for the well-being
of the occupants.


Known as 'Compass School' Feng Shui, the shape and orientation of the house (which direction it faces) will be considered for favourable and unfavourable influences, and appropriate action identified.

An examination of electrical, magnetic and microwave radiation within the property...

...especially in the bedroom, and other places where people  spend a good deal of of time.  Suggestions will be made to reduce exposure.  For example...

Clock radios, powered from the mains, located a few inches from your head, are a very bad idea

Hairdryers are often left plugged-in within bedrooms.  Even if the hairdryer itself is switched off, there is always a current running to it (unless it is completely unplugged). Hairdryers are really small electric fires.  They should be unplugged.

Good quality electrical, magnetic and microwave radiation meters are used to measure the amount of radiation present, and ways of reducing exposure will be considered. 

  • Personal Health and Healing
    Feng Shui & Dowsing are usually thought of activities relating to a house or a piece of land, and indeed much attention will be paid to land and property issues during the visit.

But Feng Shui & Dowsing are both concerned with 'energy', and that energy can affect us directly, as well as indirectly through our environment

These energies - whether they be within the land or the human body - can be adjusted.  Though dowsing is usually thought of as a way of identifying an issue (in the same way in which it can be used to identify the location of a pipe in a field), dowsing can also be used as a way of making changes.

For example, the American dowser and healer Joey Korn uses dowsing as part of a process to adjust energies present in the land and in people.  Ced has studied extensively with Joey.

As part of his consultations Ced therefore offers - if appropriate - a variety of dowsing and feng shui related personal healing approaches, including hands-on (shoulders) healing, no-contact energetic massage (the hand is held around three inches above the body), and other dowsing interventions.

More information on the Health aspect of a consultation can be found on the Health & Healing page of this website.

Training and Qualifications

Ced provides consultations drawing on Feng Shui, Dowsing, Energy Medicine and Spirit Release. 

He is on the professional register of the Feng Shui Society, the British Society of Dowsers, the Healing Trust, and the Spirit Release Foundation.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a consultation at your home, please ring 01684 560265.

Additional information on consultations

If you live with a partner it is ideal if both of you can be present for the consultation, especially if the issue affects you both.  If that is not possible, the consultation could take place with just yourself present.

The consultation and personal support
So that you feel completely comfortable during the consultation,  you may wish to invite a friend to be present.  However, please be aware that the consultation may raise personal issues, which you may prefer to keep private. 

The day of the consultation
Do not feel that you have to totally clean the house or tidy things up.  In fact, it is much better if the house is in its usual condition.

Remembering what was said during the consultation
You are welcome to take notes if you wish.  You may tape record the consultation, though in my experience recording something over a long period of time - with at least two participants who may be moving around the house - is often not as successful as making notes.

Consultations are always confidential and the privacy of the client is respected. 

It is useful to have a specific objective in mind when requesting a consultation.  This could relate, for example, to one's health, career, relationships, finance, creative activity, or spiritual issues.

It is also fine to request a consultation if you consider that your house 'just doesn't feel right', or that 'something is adrift' which you would like to sort out. Equally, you may wish to make the house as nice as possible, and supportive of your activities.

More information
If you have any questions or would like to know more, please ring Ced on 01684 560265 or email him on