Geopathic Stress
and other Earth Energies

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The surface of the earth is constantly changing, due to movements within the molten core, continental drift, the effects of the weather, and other natural processes.

Changes may also be brought about by underground water courses, geological fault lines, and much else. 

These processes within the earth may produce detrimental effects on the people who live or work above them, and this result is known as Geopathic Stress.

The way people relate to each other, and the things they do to each other, may also leave traces at particular locations.  Some people who live at these locations may be sensitive to the effects.

Dowsing can be used to detect such energies, and action taken to transform these detrimental energies into beneficial energies. 

In the west this is subject is usually referred to as 'Earth Energies', or 'Geomancy'.  When the earth energies result in detrimental effects on the people living above them, it is sometimes referred to as 'Geopathic Stress'.

Geopathic Stress can be described as invisible lines or patches on the surface of the earth, which may adversely affect people living there.  Dowsers can remove geopathic stress from a location through such techniques as Earth Acupuncture.

Lines of geopathic stress should not be confused with 'Ley Lines'.

Ley Lines

Leys lines are straight lines connecting ancient sites, churches, marker stones, mounds, etc, often running several miles across the land.

Their existence was rediscovered in the early 20th century by a Herefordshire man named Alfred Watkins.  His books include Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track(The text of Early British Trackways is on the web and can be viewed at

Long distance ley lines
One of Britain's best known leys runs from St Michael's Mount in Cornwall, across Britain to the Norfolk coast.

This line is the subject of research by dowsers Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, which is written up in their book 'The Sun and The Serpent'.

Their second book - 'The Dance of the Dragon - describes a different line which also runs through St Michael's Mount, crosses Europe and ends up in the middle east.

There are other 'energy' lines which cross the land, and these may be detrimental, or beneficial, to our health.  Sometimes all such lines are referred to as ley lines, but strictly speaking the term 'ley line' is restricted to lines of great antiquity.

Predecessor Energy
People also leave traces behind them. Sometimes if you enter a room where there has been an argument you remark that 'you could cut the atmosphere with a knife'.

This can sometimes result in detectable fields of energy embedded in buildings or the landscape. 


Making changes
If the lines running through a property are detrimental, they can be injurious to the health of the people who live above them. 

Dowsing can be used in a variety of ways to transform the earth energies.  The various methods usually consist of some outer action - such as the placing of crystals - together with inner action, such as focussed thought, intention, or prayer.  One such technique is known as ...

Earth Acupuncture
With earth acupuncture dowsing is used to identify detrimental lines.  These are then 'staked out' by the insertion of copper rods, twigs, etc at appropriate points along the lines.  At the same time the person performing the action undertakes various inner exercises and requests that the energy be transformed. Ced can be commissioned to undertake such work.