Electrical Radiation

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If you are exposed to large amounts of electricity or electrical radiation for long periods, it can damage your health.

Most of us spend at least a quarter of our lives in bed, and it is therefore important that our bedrooms do not have high levels of electrical radiation.

Some things we can see, but we cannot see radiation.

Having a main clocks radio next to your bed is a bad idea, as it means that there is a device emitting electrical radiation a few inches from your brain.  This may reduce the quality of your sleep, and if your sleep is poor, your energy may be depleted and your immune system put under pressure. Battery driven clock/radios are much better as they use less power.

The bedroom is a place for recuperation and regeneration.  But this requires a restful environment, rather than being constantly prodded by electrical stimuli

Bedrooms may contain a hairdryer, and hairdryers are often left plugged-in.  Even if they are switched off at the hairdryer itself, if they are still plugged-in they always  carry electrical current, (unless they are completely unplugged).  Hairdryers are really small electric fires.

When we are in bed we are horizontal, and thus parallel to most of the electrical wiring in the bedroom, bringing about a greater exposure to - and absorption of - electrical radiation.

Electric blankets are to be avoided if at all possible, and under-floor electric  heating often produces radiation throughout the room.

However, electrical radiation is invisible, and poor wiring, or having wiring running underneath the bed (even if it is under the floorboards) may adversely affect you.

The detection of electrical radiation

Ced's consultations include an examination of electrical, magnetic and microwave radiation within the property, especially in the bedroom and other places where people spend a lot of time.  Thought will be given to what can be done to reduce exposure. 

When undertaking a consultation, good quality meters are used to test the level of...

  • Electrical Radiation

  • Magnetic Radiation, and

  • Microwave Radiation...

... present in the room.  If the levels of radiation are high, advice may be provided on simple ways of reducing exposure.

Microwave radiation from ovens, mobile phones and microwave towers, is not beneficial to our health. 

Electricity, as AC (alternating) current, has existed for less than 200 years.  Our bodies are not used to it.  But we now swim in a soup of electrical radiation.

We are 'electrical' creatures.  Our bodies naturally carry an electrical charge, but the levels of the natural electrical currents in our bodies are minute compared to those to which we are now exposed.

Nowadays, many kitchens contain large fridges.  Such fridges not only emit large amounts of radiation, but as they are controlled by thermostats, their power output can instantly leap from 0% to 100% when the thermostat kicks in.  If you sleep in a room above a kitchen containing such a fridge, you may be being constantly prodded by these 0% to 100% surges which the fridge emits.

Reducing electrical radiation

One of the simplest ways of reducing your exposure to electrical radiation (when you are in bed), is to remove as much electrical equipment from the room as possible.

You can also install an electrically conductive earthing sheet, which is placed underneath the sheet you sleep on, and is earthed (to the ground) by being connected (for example) to an unpainted section of a hot water radiator, assuming the hot water system is correctly earthed.  I can supply such sheets, or they are available from the United States.

The benefit is that electricity present in the room quickly runs off to earth, rather than going slowly through your body.  The more electricity you are exposed to, the more you are likely to be putting your body under stress.

The benefits of this kind of 'Earthing' are set out in the book of the same name by Clinton Ober (ISBN 978-1-59120-283-7), which is available from Amazon.