Energy Medicine

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The term 'Energy Medicine' has two slightly different meanings :

  • 'Energy Medicine' can refer to many healing approaches, including  Hands-On Healing, Acupressure, Kinesiology, Touch-for-Health, etc, but...

  • As used in this website, 'Energy Medicine' specifically refers to the work of the American healer, Donna Eden, unless otherwise stated.

Donna is the author of a number of books including the well regarded 'Energy Medicine' and 'Energy Medicine for Women'.  Her website is at and you can find many videos on the web illustrating her approach.

Donna's work draws on a number of healing traditions, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, and contemporary approaches such as Touch for Health and Emotional Freedom Therapy.  Traditional Chinese Medicine includes such techniques as acupuncture.  Donna does not use needles, but rather works using the energy in her hands, bringing them close to the client's acupuncture points

If you would like a consultation or to know more about this kind of therapy, please contact Ced direct on 01684 560265.

Ced has also established the Malvern Energy Medicine Group, through which he provides information and an opportunity to learn about the work of Donna Eden. The group meets monthly.

  • See also Feng Shui & Health, and Dowsing & Health.  High levels of Electrical Radiation can also affect your health.

  • Ced is a full healer member of the Healing Trust (formerly known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers), a long established organisation which uses a 'Hands-On' approach to its healing work. In fact there is almost no touching of the client (other than initial hands-on-shoulders) during the Healing Trust process.

  • Ced is also on the professional register of the Feng Shui Society , and uses Feng Shui techniques to improve the energetic environment of a person's home.

  • He is also also a professional dowser on the Health Register of the British Society of Dowsers.

Please note :

In matters of health it is always advisable first to see your GP.