Health and Healing


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Our health can be influenced by :

  • The environment in which we live (our home, our neighbourhood, etc.)

  • Our energy levels, the food we eat, the exercise we take, and the strength of our immune system

Problems stemming from the building

Sometimes the building itself - or the land on which it sits - may have a problem, such as geopathic stress.

Such an issue can lead to problems for the residents.

If the consultation cocerns your home, Ced can identify the possible causes of such a problem.  For example, geopathic stress, too much electrical radiation, etc.

Having identified the problem, other approaches can then be used to intervene and bring about change.

Such techniques include Feng Shui, Dowsing, and particular techniques to deal with geopathic stress

More information on these subjects is provided on other pages.


Problems affecting a person

If a person is suffering from illness, whether or not it has been brought about by the building in which they live, there are certain techniques which can often help.

Dowsing-for-Health refers to a variety of interventions which can be made to improve the situation.

Hands-on-Healing (usually there is virtually no direct touching of the client) can also be of help

Energy Medicine - based on the work of Donna Eden (see the relevant page on this website) - can also bring about improvements

Sometimes these techniques are applied directly to a person, and sometimes indirectly, for example by changing the environment in which they live (which in turn affects the person).  Often the two approaches go hand in hand.

(See also Feng Shui & Health, Dowsing and Health, and Energy Medicine.  High levels of Electrical Radiation can also affect us.)