Malvern Dowsing and Healing Newsletter                     February 2018  



Water Dowsing ~  
 An introduction


A talk by Linda Prenter... 

     Wednesday  Feb 21st   

7.30pm at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road,Great Malvern. Doors open at 7pm for refreshments. £5

If you have always wanted to find out how a Water Diviner not only locates the recommended site for drilling a borehole, but also determines the probable depth, quality, quantity and mineral content of the water, then Wednesday 21st February would be a great night to attend Malvern Dowsers.

So if you would like to learn how to dowse for water, on Feb 21st Linda will talk about the process she uses, with practical demonstrations and audience participation encouraged.  She will also tell you about site visits and unexpected experiences !  The talk will cover...
Dowsing tools
Availability of fresh water
How to dowse for water
Map dowsing for water
Before leaving home
At the site

Things to look for
Things to record
Technical stuff
 Do come !
Ced Jackson... the author of this newsletter and organises meetings of Malvern Dowsers.

On request he also undertakes private Dowsing and Feng Shui consultations, and has a great interest in the work of Donna Eden ( 

Information on these and other services can be found at
email : , and tel : 01684 560265
Malvern Dowsers is staying in Europe.  


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