Malvern Dowsing and Healing Newsletter                     January 2018  



Dowsing as an aid to gardening & garden planning



This next meeting of Malvern Dowsers is on... 

Jan 17th 

at 7.30pm at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, Great Malvern. Doors open at 7pm for refreshments & improving dialogue.  Admission is five pounds.


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Before you design your garden, remember that what is before you is not just a blank piece
of paper, but a piece of land.  There is also the question of ...

Soil :                  What's the PH value ?
Orientation :
      Where is the sun, the shade, the south ?
Water :                Is it slightly damp ? (trick question)
Other Residents :   Are the plant spirits happy ?
Where...             Is the best spot for herbs, Giant Redwoods ?
Should I...         Dowse for which way plants want to face ?
Do...                  Lines of geopathic stress cross the land ?
And...               If they do, will I have to pay more rates ?


Places like Findhorn (Scotland) and Perelandra (US) have achieved amazing results by
working in harmony with nature and nature spirits. 

Shamanism creates the possibility of a completely different relationship with the spirit of
the land.

What is your objective ?


Ced Jackson... the author of this newsletter and organises meetings of Malvern Dowsers. On request he also undertakes private Dowsing and Feng Shui consultations, and has a great interest in the work of Donna Eden, whose web site is at 

Information on these and other services can be found on Ced's website at ...    email : , and Tel : 01684 560265

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