Malvern Dowsers is a group of people who meet around once a month in order to explore dowsing and related activities. 

The group is organised by Ced Jackson of Feng Shui Futures whose contact details are displayed in the left hand column.  If no left hand column is visible please click on Feng Shui Futures.  Do get in touch if you are interested.  Ring Ced on 01684 560265 or send an email to Ced@FengShuiFutures.

Malvern Dowsers                        June 2011 

Simply Divine ! 

Next meeting :
Wednesday, June 22nd

…at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road,
Great Malvern

We are fortunate to have as our speaker Janet Devey, founder and organiser of the highly successful local dowsing group at Weobley in Herefordshire.

Janet is a consultant in the field of  …

     Dowsing for Health

 and the title of her talk is…

 Identifying the Cause -
 Not treating the Symptoms

Many people experience a growing number of health problems without knowing the cause.  Janet dowses with the aid of lists and undertakes research to identify the overall health of her client, and the problems the client faces.


You are invited to bring your pendulums, as there will be an opportunity to work in pairs to apply the technique.  Please also bring your rods if your have them.


You may remember that Elizabeth Brown - author of the highly successful 'Dowsing' - uses lists in her dowsing for health work, which she calls 'causative diagnosis', and amongst other approaches Janet has applied and developed this technique in an innovative manner.


Refreshments from 7.00pm, for 7.30pm start.  Admission £5.


Malvern Dowsers in the News

The British Society of Dowsers electronic newsletter has carried news of Malvern Dowsers Well Dressing Award …

 “…And Malvern Dowsers were given an award by Malvern Spa Association for their dressing of Dr Wilson’s Fountain in Malvern during the annual Well Dressing weekend. The theme was togetherness, and it looked splendid. Dr Wilson was one of the key players in the Water Cure. “

The fountain is near Friends Meeting House, at the junction of Abbey Road and Priory Road.  It is fascinating to think about how water flows down the hill.  I think that (i) water flows down (from the Wells Road area) , to (ii) Abbey Road (see the water sign on Abbey Road at this point), then (iii) crosses Abbey Road and flows down to Orchard Road, and (iv) crosses Orchard Road goes down a drive and then may flow north to the old Abbey ponds.

Incidentally, the Malvern Spa Association, which organises the Well Dressing, recently carried an extensive article on Dr Wilson’s Fountain in its newsletter.  The original fountain structure looked rather like a mini-version of the Albert Memorial, and there are plans for a new structure on the site

The BSD’s electronic newsletter also included an article by local dowser Helen Lamb, regarding her trip to Ireland to discover her (dowsing) roots !

 Autumn is a comin’ in

Meetings on September 21st, October 19th, and November 16th.

Further information on Malvern Dowsers from from Ced Jackson, 3 Ebrington Road, West Malvern, WR14 4NL.   Tel : 01684 560265.         

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