Malvern Dowsing and Healing Newsletter                     April 2018  



     Dowsing for what you want !

          We sometimes think about what we don't want

          We probably don't want to be ill, or short of money.

          But we could think about - and dowse - for what we

                       do want.

          That's the focus of our meeting on...


  April 18th


    Doors open & refreshments from 7pm. Kick off at 7.30pm.

Friends Meeting House

1 Orchard Road, Great Malvern. WR14 3DA.

Susan Collins

Canadian Dowser Susan Collins has refined this approach - of dowsing
for what you want, and then bringing it about - into a new way of working.

See her article on Geoprosperous Places at...

We will explore Susan's work on April 18th. The meeting will be led by
Ced Jackson.



 British Society of Dowsers

Spring Symposium

April 28th - 29th

Worcester University

Two days of non-stop dowsing fun.

For full details go to... 

Dowsing in Priory Park ~ May 7th


Malvern Dowsers will be loitering in the Malvern Spa Association tent,

teaching people to dowse, and eating biscuits

Dowsing at Hellens Garden Festival

Celebrating Water ~ The Life Force

June 9th - June 10th

 Much Marcle

For full details go to