Malvern Dowsing and Healing Newsletter     August 2018  



Malvern Dowsers next meeting is...

          A Malvern Ramble 
                         Wednesday 29th August
In the 1920s Alfred Watkins rediscovered the Ley Line system. 

He set this out in his famous book, The Old Straight Track, an expansion of his earlier
Early British Trackways.

In EBT Watkins sets out the route of a number of leys, including one that runs to
Malvern Priory. 

Fortunately the entire text of EBT is freely available on the web at, including the route of the Malvern Priory ley:

Little Mountain (Westbrook) to St. Ann's Well and Priory Church,
Malvern, via Arthur's Stone, Cross End, Moccas Church, Monnington
Church, Credenhill (old) Court, Pipe and Lyde Church, and Beacon Hill.
On Wednesday, August 29th, you are invited to join me for a gentle exploration of the Malvern end of this line, which runs a few degrees north of East, ending at the Priory
and just missing the bus shelter by Rose Bank Gardens

Due to the fading of the light we will assemble at the back of Malvern Theatres (top of
steps) at 7.00pm, for a gentle stroll (7.10pm departure) up to the Priory, and then
continue tracing the line up to Rose Bank Gardens. 
Bring your dowsing implements

For gastronauts a discussion and a meat pie of your choice may ensue at The Lady Foley Arms.

Ced Jackson
01684 560265