Malvern Dowsing and Healing Newsletter                     December 2017


















Malvern Dowsers...

... meets monthly to explore dowsing and how it can be used. We are
very fortunate to have such wonderful local countryside with its
ancient sites, churches, churches, leys and natural features.

Are these features randomly scattered across the countryside, or part of ... 

A Cunning Plan ?

This will be the focus of our next meeting, on...

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Wednesday December 20th at 7.30pm

at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, Malvern.  Doors open
from 7.00pm for refreshments. Admission 5.

Dowsing is often associated with investigating small patches of land,
such as the site of a potential borehole for water.  But dowsing also has
an interest in larger patterns in the landscape.  Some of the people and
places associated with such patterns include...



Alfred Watkins

Photographer, Herefordshire man, antiquarian, rediscoverer
of the Ley system, author of
Early British Trackways and
The Old Straight Track. 
Member of The Woolhope Club


John Dee

Astrologer to Liz 1, magician, alchemist, proto-Rosicrucian, 007, vicar of Upton, All-England Pointy Beard Champion 1583.  Dee is a key figure in the history of Western Magic, and probable role model for Shakespeare's 'Prospero' in the Tempest.




John Michell

Author of The View over Atlantis, Twelve Tribe Nations and 38 other books, a founder of the modern Earth Mysteries movement.

Re-rediscovered the ley system and the Western Decagon.




Whiteleafed Oak 

Equidistant from Glastonbury and Stonehenge.

If the Malverns are an exclamation mark, 
Whiteleafed Oak is the full stop, and also the Centre
of the Western Decagon (itself the subject of two 
books by John Gibson-Forty).




Ced Jackson... the author of this newsletter and organises meetings of Malvern Dowsers. On request he also undertakes private Dowsing and Feng Shui consultations, and has a great interest in the work of Donna Eden, whose web site is at www.innersource.nety/em 

Information on these and other services can be found on Ced's website
at    email : , and Tel : 01684 560265
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